Me & Baby Care


More than just an ante natal classes from pregnancy to parenthood

We believe in total development on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual social events. So, with ante natal exercises we include yoga, pranayam, omkar, Garbhasanskar etc. Holistic approach to child education. Me and baby during the pregnancy make you feel fit & energies, by reliving stress & common physical discomforts. Me and baby prepares your body for labour & child birth. Moreover helps to get back in shape offer child birth.


Shedule and Topics

Session 1 - Maternal Nutrition-Diet during pregnancy.

Session 2 - Womb Talk-Garbhasanskar in scientific and traditional way.

Session 3 - Relaxation through yoga, pranayam. Special yoga session designed for pregnant women.

Session 4 - All about delivery process. Essential exercises and getting back into the shape for post natal mother.

Session 5 - Preparation for breast feeding and other common concerns-post natal care.

Session 6 - Care for the new born.

Prenatal Exercise is key part of Me & Baby program. Every session starts with Prenatal Exercise. Prenatal exercise includes:
1) Exercise that are very specifically designed for Prenatal period 2) Modified Yogic postures 3) Relaxation techniques
4) Breathing Pattens 5) Pranayam, Omkar.

Common physiological problems during pregnancy : Frequent Urination, Heartburn, Nausea/ Vomiting, Fatigue, Sleep disturbance, Constipation, Back Pain, Leg Cramps, Swelling, Varicose Veins, Mood Swings, Breathlessness

Exercise and Yoga is best help for all these Physiological symptoms due to hormonal changes and weight gain.

How exercise helps during pregnancy :

1) Support for lax joints- Strengthening & stabilization.
2) Reduce tension- Stretching & Relaxation.
3) Improve balance, coordination, posture, awareness.
4) Facilitate adjustment to changing body, avoid injury.

5) Early Relief of common discomforts of pregnancy.
6) Enhanced confidence, sense of well being and positive body image.
7) Develop stress management and relaxation skills.
8) Prenatal bonding with unborn child.