Garbhaurja programs for Healthy Motherhood

Nature's energy to your baby

The world is changing very fast. We are facing new challenges every day on physical, mental & emotional levels & today's woman is Superwoman, Goddess with eight hands, working on every front. But definitely neglecting own health.

Female anatomy & physiology is different from male so more care is required. Your vehicle is getting servicing every quarterly but what about your body, health? & in pregnancy you need the utmost care. Garbhurja is here to guide you & take care of you when you need the most.

Now a days because of various reasons like Late marriages, Carrieristic women, Late pregnancy, Neglecting health, Nuclear families, Menstruation problems, Changing life style, Pollution- Air, Water etc, Changing dietary habits, Working hours more than 8 hours, Work stress, Frequent hotteling, Lack of exercise. Such so many things are affecting woman health which in turn leads to obesity, digestive problems, PCOD, Infertility, Abortions, Thyroid disfunction, problems during pregnancy.

Garbhaurja is 3 step programs for Healthy Motherhood

Pre- Conception (Agni Phase)

Agni (i.e. Fire one of the basic five elements) is a symbol of energy, transformation & purification. Mother & Father should prepare themselves for conception as "sweet fruits are product of pure seeds " On physical, mental & emotional levels. Complete rejuvenation for to be mother & father is necessary.

During Pregnancy (Jala Phase)

Jala (i.e. Water one of the basic five elements) is a symbol of life, lubrication, growth, stability, satity. This is very important phase as baby's development takes place & so many physiological ups & downs in mother. Very well explained as " Garbhini Pricharya " in Ayurveda.

After Delivery (Vayu Phase)

Vayu (i.e. Air one of the basic five elements) is a symbol of movement, speed, destruction. Controlling disturbed bio energy is the main principle . Vat a dosha gets affected during delivery which should be corrected with medicines. Very well explained as " Sutika Paricharya " in Ayurveda.

Our Garbhaurja Program Includes ( For all 3 phases ) As Required

  • Ayurveda - Medicines, Oils, Do's & Dont's.
  • Panchakarma - Massage, Steam, Basti, Uttarbasti, Shirodhara etc.
  • Garbha Sanskar.
  • Diet Consultation.
  • yoga – Asanas, Pranayam, Relaxation Techniques etc.
  • Exercise – Prenatal & Postnatal classes ( Me n Baby classes )
  • Informative Lectures.
  • Informative videos.
  • Beauty care during pregnancy & after delivery.