Women Beauty Care

hair and skin care

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Very few people are blessed with naturally perfect skin & hair. We are constantly exposed to pollution, tensions, stress,food with low nutrition etc. which affects skin & hair. We are working on every front under stress, anxiety which affects our natural beauty.

Ayurvedic beauty care specially includes broader view regarding beauty care. Skin & hair is reflection of inner changes in our body. Skin & hair is mirror of your health. According to Ayurveda healthy body & mind is our beauty. So at Urja Ayurveda we gives you holistic beauty approach.

  • Good digestive system- hunger, digestion & motion.
  • Healthy menstrual cycle.
  • Healthy pregnancy & delivery.
  • Daily conduct.
  • Seasonal conduct.
  • Daily exercise, yoga, pranayam.
  • Healthy-balanced diet according to "prakrity" (body type).
  • Adequate sleep.

complete beauty care

  • Ayurvedic internal medication.
  • Ayurvedic cosmetic massage.
  • Daily beauty care.
  • Detoxification with Panchakarma.
  • Yoga & exercise.
  • Diet.

Therapies Available For Beauty Care

  • Full body massage & medicated steam.
  • Face massage, Head massage.
  • Shirodhara, Nasya, Netratarpan.
  • Lepas (packs)-face pack , hair pack, Natural scrubs.
  • Other Panchakarma as per body type.
  • Specially prepared oils & creams as per individual requirement.

Things To Look Younger

  • Take massage regularly (once in a week).
  • Exercise daily for 10-15 min.
  • Follow daily conduct & seasonal conduct as per ayurveda.
  • Take a time for yourself daily.